Experience Venice before it's too late !

image Experience Venice before it's too late !

No corner of the earth rised more than Venice, to this conspiracy of enthusiasm, said Victor Hugo. Romantic travel, discovery and exploration, all of that is possible in Venice. It's one of the places in the world where we have something to discover in every corner.

How Venice became a shelter for lovers?

Capital city of Venetia, Venice is famous for being “the lovers' city”. With its gondolas- Venetian boats, canals and a perpetual romantic atmosphere, all opportunities for exploration should be grasped on this country for your stay to be different from that of other though seeing the same place.

Decorated with historical monuments and lagoons running along the Adriatic Sea, it extends over a set of 118 small islands connected by bridges.

That makes Venice the best country ever, that romantic getaway full of experiences. Actually, in the eighteenth century, Venice occupied the first place for elegancy in Europe due to its influence in arts. It was also considered as a city with light morals, associated with eroticism.

Long live Venice!

It's full of monuments recounting Italian histories. Venice has infrastructure built during the Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance. ­

  • St. Mark's Basilica: the first destination for architecture fans. It's the best-known of Italian Byzantine Architecture because of its ornamental decorations, beautiful frescos and sculptures made since 1092 ­
  • Canale Grande: like a river, it is the biggest canal where most travelers like to get across because it links the two sides of Venice through its S bend shape. It's possible to ride a Vaporetto, the main form of water transport in Venice through it. ­
  • Ponte de Rialto: the main bridge over the Canale Grande, it connects two Districts of Venice in particular San Paolo and San Marco. Its remarkable look is attributable to its symmetrical frames ­
  • Bridge of Sighs: You really have to explore Venice to see for yourself what it is like. It is the most viewed by tourists because of its legends saying that it is the place where criminals would glimpse and sigh for the last time before their punishment. It is interesting, isn't?

How to reach Venice?

Despite its special features defined by the lagoons, gondolas, bridges and other attractive natural or handmade buildings, getting Venice plane tickets can be difficult, especially in high season. Beyond this historical side, it hosts over 30 million tourists every year and during the Easter period alone, the city has to handle over 120,000 visitors.

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It's never too late to travel, no matter how old you are. Love, music and fresh air are guaranteed in Venice. Lovers, parents, kids or simply curious travelers will be able to satisfy their quest for adventure and discovery in Venice. You will create memories but also have new experience, new feelings.